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Finding a Voice

by Zac Godwin

Jose Manuel Galarza finds a place in college through the spoken word.

Starting college can be a daunting experience. Meeting new people and balancing one’s workload with other obligations are difficult for any student. For students fresh out of high school especially, the challenges of college can seem insurmountable. But students can face these new challenges and succeed in this intimidating environment.

Sharing His Story

by Nicole Suter

Professor Lawlor provides insight into his past and why he chose to teach.

John Lawlor, Jr. is a man of many talents and a strong fixture at Reading Area Community College. On any given day in Professor Lawlor’s history classes, you can walk in and expect a lively class with someone passionate about what he teaches. Lawlor delivers history  through a mixture of funny voices, sly jokes, and acknowledged slips in grammar, to create engaging classes about the past, especially when the subject is the American Revolution. One thing is for sure, he loves his subject — past events — and what he is doing — making that past valuable for today’s students.

Left Start: Why Gamers Should be Angry

by Josh Templin

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Left Start is a column examining video games from a left/socialist perspective. The first column looks at angry gamers and details what they really should be angry about.

Gamers are angry. Perusing hundreds of comments on IGN and reddit has taught us that. So have the continued threats against Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn. Recently, angry gamers may have convinced Nintendo to fire marketing employee Alison Rapp, their ire stemming from the perceived censorship of Nintendo games. The continued harassment propels the narrative that gamers are whiny, reactionary, and entitled.