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Wasteland Records: “Woman Town”

by Josh Templin

Wasteland Records uncovers obscure records from the darkest recesses of the Internet.

A little over ten years ago, U.S. Senator Ted Stevens made an infamous gaffe when he called the Internet a “series of tubes.” It was both very funny and very horrifying that Stevens, then 86 years old, was a member of the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, and yet seemed to have no grasp on the very Internet he was charged with regulating.

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What’s Your Style?: Adam, Angela and Ashley

by Mimi Ross / Photos by Katelyn Bennett

Mimi Ross is back on the campus scene to ask what Your Style is. Ashley, Angela, and Adam share what they wear daily on campus and how they make that transition to the weekend.

During the week, college students wear what they might consider “day-to-day” gear. But during the weekend, they have new locales where they like to show off. For some, the new situations encourage them to switch up their look; for others, casual comfort is the key no matter the venue. Three RACC students describe their looks: from RACC casual on weekdays to club-ready after Friday.