What’s Your Style?: Adam, Angela and Ashley

by Mimi Ross / Photos by Katelyn Bennett

Mimi Ross is back on the campus scene to ask what Your Style is. Ashley, Angela, and Adam share what they wear daily on campus and how they make that transition to the weekend.

During the week, college students wear what they might consider “day-to-day” gear. But during the weekend, they have new locales where they like to show off. For some, the new situations encourage them to switch up their look; for others, casual comfort is the key no matter the venue. Three RACC students describe their looks: from RACC casual on weekdays to club-ready after Friday.


Ashley and Adam

Ashley, who is very sociable and outgoing, enjoys her Adidas and joggers during the week; but spices it up with high heels for the weekend.

She says “The weekend hits [and] I’m at the club with my boyfriend, wearing my sexy dress and heels, ready to get down to dance and party.”

Ashley, who is a writer and an aspiring rapper, says “I have my downtime where my tomboy comes out and I put on my ripped jeans, Timberland boots and that’s when I feel comfortable writing my music and that’s for any day of the week.”



Angela, who has a sarcastic side to her, takes pleasure during the week in flannel shirt and sneakers but on the weekends goes even more grunge.

The coffee shop or [at the] mall hanging out with my friends — [that’s] where you will find me on my day off, rocking my dark wash jeans, leather jacket and combat boots. That’s my weekend style,” Angela explains.

Adam, a self-described old soul, is wise enough to know that a good look looks natural. He puts on whatever he is comfortable in and that stays the same for day to day or when the weekend comes around.

Adam goes on to say, “Jeans, T-shirt and my LeBron James [are what] I throw on when I am hanging out with my girl on the weekend – sometimes hitting the Dave and Buster’s for some fun. I have a geeky, nerd side to me and I do not like to draw a lot of attention to myself. So my style basically stays the same for any occasion.”

All three students have a similar casual style during the week, some more trendy than others. But they tend to add a twist on the weekend. For two of them, that’s when they put their books down and let loose.

So what’s your style? Whether you are at the club, mall, or on a date night, your downtime style is just essential as your work style.

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