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The Reel Scoop: Lady Bird

by Patrick Brandolini

When you can see a movie that reminds you of something you’ve forgotten, it earns a special kind of appreciation from the audience. A period piece about the hazy days of American counterculture in the 1960s may remind someone of their spirit of rebellion lost to old age, seeing a character gleefully unwrapping a brand spanking new flip phone in a fit of excitement can bring back a memory from a time that seems to be feel longer and longer away each year.

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What is the Student Leadership Program?

by Nina Eddinger

In this “What Is” installment, Nina answer the question “What is Student Leadership?” The mission of the Student Leadership Program at Reading Area Community College is to provide students with “educational opportunities to explore, identify, develop and enhance their leadership potential. Students will work to attain the skills needed to fulfill their responsibilities as citizens.”

Everything you need to know about Met-Ed’s Power Systems Institute Program

By Josh Myers, Ben Moyer, Abel Gonzalez, and Corey Shirey

Reading Area Community College has a multitude of programs available for students. The Met-Ed Power Systems Institute Program is a program designed to equip graduates with hands-on skills and useful job training.