Hollow Horrors

By Josh Templin Found horror “artifacts” now fail to frighten. It was sometime during the eighty-five minutes of the movie Alien Abduction that something broke inside me. I remember watching the found-footage horror film and slowly descending into a kind… Read More ›

Taking Wing

By Emily Wickel Enriched by her RACC experience, a Raven graduate considers her challenges after RACC—and urges current students to invest in their RACC community. In the three and a half years I spent as a student at Reading Area… Read More ›

Serious Change Headed for FAFSA

By Ashlee Scott Effective October 2016 students will be given the opportunity to file for their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) three months prior to the traditional month of January. Over the years, college tuition has been drastically… Read More ›