All You Need is Love – and a Good Outfit

By Emily Johnson

As the New Year’s celebration comes to an end, you’re probably left feeling like there’s nothing left to look forward to until spring break. Wrong. Valentine’s Day is next week, and here’s your excuse to dress up. Whether you’re going on a romantic date with your S/O, hanging with your galentines, or having a date with yourself and some pizza and the new season of Euphoria, you should still plan an outfit that makes you feel confident and gives off a sense of allure.

As if women need another stressor besides the Super Bowl unfortunately landing on the same weekend as Valentine’s festivities – goodbye weekend getaway – choosing an outfit should not be one of them for your romantic time with your significant other. Rather than choosing a top and a pair of jeans from your everyday wardrobe, consider something more daring – more bold.

As corsets and leather jackets have flooded the fashion world on Tiktok and Instagram, it’s safe to say that this combination can make for a chic but edgy outfit that pairs well with a candle-lit dinner or grabbing drinks in a nearby city.

On the other hand, if edgy isn’t your style, and you would rather wear an outfit on the cutesier side, there are a couple options to choose from. Depending on your fashion taste, you might prefer a flowy dress with some platform Go-go boots for a more sophisticated, yet stylish look, or a pleated tennis skirt paired with a cropped argyle sweater, knee high socks, and a pair of Converse or Nike Air Forces.

For some of us, this Valentine’s Day will be for all the single ladies – and that means hanging out with your best girlfriends. Whether that be going out for brunch and sipping (and spilling) some tea or having an Instagram-worthy photoshoot to make everyone jealous, the girls MUST have a swoon-worthy outfit for any occasion.

Before drowning yourself in bottomless mimosas at brunch and wondering when (or if) Chad is ever going to message you back on Tinder, you should definitely have an outfit prepared that screams self-confidence and shows that you don’t need a man to have fun. What better way to enjoy being surrounded with your galentines than looking and feeling good – the answer is nothing. As all the girls can agree, the ultimate outfit silhouette is a cute, snug cropped top with a pair of baggy pants.

As if the fast-paced fashion scene couldn’t be even more flooded with new graphics and patterns, pairing unexpected color schemes and designs now makes for an aesthetically pleasing photoshoot fit. Because checker print is deemed a “neutral” as of late (I don’t make the rules), you can potentially wear anything with this pattern to create an unforgettable #ootd that will make you stand out on your social media platforms. However, if you didn’t adapt to the checker print fashion craze in 2016, you can always fall back on the old and reliable leopard and zebra print obsession that filled every teenage girl’s closet in the 2010’s. Whatever neutral you choose to incorporate in your outfit, make sure to pair it with a memorable funky dress that will leave all your Instagram followers weak in the knees.

Who said alone-time is never fun? Despite the excessively advertised idea of celebrating Valentine’s Day with your S/O or girlfriends, there is always comfort in solitude. Taking the day (or weekend) to unwind and take part in some necessary self-love and care will do wonders for your overall wellbeing and confidence – but who said it couldn’t be done in style? Whether you take the day to binge watch rom-com movies or pack your bags and have your own weekend getaway, be the love of your own life with some outfit inspiration.

With the new plethora of loungewear brands flooding Tiktok and Instagram, it’s hard to find a fashion company that doesn’t sell its own tracksuit or matching activewear set. As the pandemic allowed people to express themselves through their clothes without having to be uncomfortable in ill-fitted apparel, you can be as fashionable as an influencer who’s always aesthetically dressed in a matching legging set, but in the comfort of your own home. Don’t forget to paint your nails and use a facial mask that matches your set, though!

If staying at home isn’t your preference of self-care and hopping on a bus to the closest city is, a well put together outfit is necessary to show off your high level of confidence. And, like I’ve said before, with being confident, comes a bold outfit – because who doesn’t want to be the mysterious girl on a bus or in a small, local coffee shop that all the rom-com movies are infatuated with? Swap out your everyday work pants for a trendy, vivid dress; your regular puffer jacket for a leather trench coat; your monotonous Reebok or Vans sneakers for some hugging, 90s-inspired platform boots. New city, new you, right?

Whatever your plans might be this year for Valentine’s Day, make sure to choose an outfit that you like and are comfortable in, regardless of the recent fashion trends popping up on your Instagram or Tiktok feed. Remember: putting together an outfit that appeals to you is in your best interests in order to feel and look confident, while also displaying and spreading self-love.

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