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Children’s Book Corner is a column suggesting children’s books from a mother of 11 children, who has also explored writing for children. Today’s column highlights fun children’s book reads for February that will hopefully keep your young reader reading!

By Pamela Tuck

It’s February! How are you holding up with your New Year’s Resolutions???

Just thought I’d check. Me, on the other hand, did not make one, so things are going according to life . . . not quite as well as I would like, but not as bad as it could be.

Enough about me, let’s move on into this month’s ideas and themes. Of course, when a lot of people think about February, LOVE comes to mind. And since that’s an idea that we should keep with us throughout the year, I’ve chosen a book that touches on that idea in the sweetest little way.

We all may have our own interpretation of what love is. For children, it could be as simple as their favorite teddy. For fathers, it could be early morning commutes to work and late evening rides home to take care of a family. For mothers, it could be losing sleep through the night, changing diapers, burping, feeding, cuddling, comforting, watching tiny breaths rise and fall.

Even though, love can be highlighted with chocolates and flowers, love is the dedicated commitment and unconditional emotion that keeps us caring for people and things around us.

So, without further ado, my first book recommendation is . . .

Drumroll please . . .

Love Is
written by Diane Adams and illustrated by Claire Keane

This book is recommended for grades Pre-K – 2nd

This heartwarming story is about a little girl who finds a duckling who has wandered away from the park onto the city streets. She takes the little duckling home to raise. She faces the challenges of “motherhood” – early morning feedings, bathing, tidying – until the time comes to say goodbye. The lyrical text makes this a fun read aloud as it teaches responsibility and explores the joys and challenges of giving and receiving love.

The other thing I think about in February is Black History Month. Partly because I came from a family of civil rights activists. I grew up in a family of storytellers and our family stories of triumphs and perseverance, failures and victories have followed me through the years. So much so, until I decided to share one of those stories in the form of a children’s book. Yes, that’s right. The next book recommendation is written by yours truly . . . me!

Drumroll two please . . .

As Fast As Words Could Fly
written by Pamela M. Tuck and illustrated by Eric Velasquez

This book is recommended for grades 2 – 7

This story is based on my father, Moses Teel Jr.’s, experiences of desegregating a formerly all-white school in Greenville, NC in the 1960s.

Fourteen-year-old Mason Steele takes pride in turning his Pa’s excited ramblings about the latest civil rights incidents into handwritten business letters. One day Pa brings Mason a gift from his civil rights group: an old manual typewriter that Mason cherishes.

When the civil rights group wins a school desegregation case, Mason discovers that he will attend a formerly all-white high school.Facing his fears and adversity from students and faculty, Mason excels in school — particularly typing. Mason decides to bravely take a stand at the county typing tournament, using his typing talent to break racial barriers.

To find out more about my dad’s story, visit my website at www.pamelamtuck.com.

Hopefully these suggestions will help inspire you and your child in love and perseverance . . . and as always . . . keep you and your child reading!

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