Giving Thanks with Books

Children’s Book Corner is a column suggesting children’s books from a mother of 11 children, who has also explored writing for children. Today’s column highlights fun children’s book reads for November that will hopefully keep your young reader reading!

By Pamela Tuck

While November is the month that a lot of Americans think about giving thanks, it is also National Good Nutrition month. With the weather transitioning from fall to winter, it is so easy for us to stay inside and munch on a lot of unhealthy foods . . . leaving those outdoor activities and exercise shivering in the cold. Although we should think about eating healthy all year round, many schools across the country have already implemented their mission to provide healthy lunches. But it’s also important that those healthy practices follow students home, too. Healthy meals fuel learning and help boost students’ concentration, focus and cognitive function.

Now coupling healthy eating with this month’s holiday, Thanksgiving, seems fitting, as we plan our holiday menus. And let’s not forget to add that after two full months of school, many students, teachers and parents will be thankful for the mini holiday break (even if it is only a few days long).

While there are many books for children on eating healthy, I’d like to suggest one that I think introduces healthy eating in a fun and playful way.

Drumroll please . . .

Why Should I Eat Well?
Written by Claire Llewellyn, Illustrated by Mike Gordon

This book is recommended for grades Pre-K to 3.

Why Should I Eat Well? is a story that enhances a child’s developmental skills of asking questions and learning about themselves. With amusing pictures and simple text, this book will help young children learn how to make good food choices that will improve their health and well-being.

My next book recommendation is a book that focuses on the Thanksgiving holiday with a humorous twist that highlights what the real meaning of the holiday is all about.

Drumroll two please . . .

This is the Turkey
Written by Abby Levine and Illustrated by Paige Billin-Frye

This book is recommended for grades Pre-K to 3

Max helped Mom pick out a special Thanksgiving turkey. As he and his sister help prepare the fixings, his friends and relatives bring their own dishes. Finally, it’s time to bring out the turkey. But Mom steps on a toy car and the turkey goes flying! Everyone soon learns what the true meaning of Thanksgiving is all about.

Hopefully these suggestions will help you and your child choose healthy meals and continue to give thanks . . . and as always . . . keep you and your child reading

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