Human Consciousness and Quantum Physics: Why You Should Care

“There is no experiment in the history of humankind that violates the laws of quantum mechanics. It is truly the best explanation of reality, and how the world really works.”

By Raymond Coffin Jr.

Reading is a diverse city, and our students here at RACC come from a wide range of backgrounds and various cultures from around the world. RACC also sees students that come from religions and belief systems of all types, ranging from Christians to Muslims, from Hinduism to Agnostics, and from Buddhism to Atheists, and many more. The beauty of America is truly on display, with people from all different religions and beliefs engaging in free and thoughtful conversations with one another. 

Colleges in general have historically been a center of free intellectual thought, where students can explore their own ideas and interests, and RACC is certainly among them. One area of interest is the sciences. In particular, quantum physics. Now you may be thinking that you don’t understand or have never heard of it, but know this: I am not a scientist. I am not a physicist. I am a student like you, with no formal scientific background of any sort. 

Why then, you might ask, would you feel compelled to write an article about quantum physics? 

Here is the answer: Because quantum physics has the most profound implications of all scientific endeavors in human history. The quantum world may very well hold the keys to true human unity, where science and the world’s great religions walk hand-in-hand with one another. 

Quantum Mechanics is the study of the very small, invisible world that is impossible to see with the naked eye. It is the study of the subatomic realm, how objects behave, and their underlying nature. What has given quantum mechanics such an impossible reputation is that it once baffled scientists such as the great Albert Einstein. This is due to the fact that the quantum realm defies all logical thought. Objects can be in multiple places at the same time, and pieces of matter seem to pop in and out of existence. But  the most fascinating law of the quantum realm  is that objects change their shape and structure, but only if someone is looking. Since our bodies are made of atoms, the laws of the quantum world are telling us about reality, and that consciousness is fundamental to the universe. Now you can see the religious and philosophical implications. 

Understand that I’m well aware quantum physics can be intimidating at first glance, but this is not a scientific article — it merely uses some scientific terms. Fun Fact Alert: There is no experiment in the history of humankind that violates the laws of quantum mechanics. It is truly the best explanation of reality, and how the world really works. Through my research over the years, I have compiled a list of the top five implications of quantum physics, and the profound impact they will have on all  of our lives. So whether or not you’re Christian, Muslim, atheist, or anything in between, be prepared to experience the reality of our world in a whole new way. 

Number Five- Extreme Computing Power 

There is no doubt that computers have changed every aspect of our lives. Whether you work in retail, the food industry, or an assembly line, computers have changed the way companies operate on a fundamental level. However, traditional computers such as your laptop or desktop, certainly have their limitations. With so many industries growing at a rapid rate, eventually traditional computers will not be able to meet the processing power demands. While traditional computers are certainly powerful machines, they are only able to do calculations one at a time. Enter Quantum Computing. Through a feature of the quantum world called superposition, quantum computers will be able to do millions of calculations at once. It’s like having three million tabs open at one time, without losing a second of processing speed. Superposition is just a fancy word for an object being in multiple places at the same time. Through the use of this feature, quantum computing will make traditional computers look like an etch-a-sketch from a children’s toy store. 

The future of quantum computing is now. Although quantum laptops and quantum smartphones are still a long way off, those who are in the quantum research field remain highly optimistic that we will see such devices in the next fifteen to twenty five years. As of right now, quantum computers are in their infancy, the same way traditional computers were back in the 1950s. However, companies like Google, and government agencies such as NASA. have purchased their first quantum computers, called D-Wave, for a staggering $15 million. Companies like Google don’t spend money on a whim, and the fact that NASA is hopping on the quantum bandwagon speaks volumes about the future of quantum computing.  

Number Four- Intergalactic Travel

Imagine stepping aboard the Millennium Falcon, a ship capable of traveling at the speed of light, on route to a spaceport in another galaxy, far, far away.  This may seem like a page straight from a Star Wars movie, but it is certainly in the realm of possibility. Through another feature of the subatomic realm, called quantum entanglement, objects and information can be teleported instantaneously. This goes against everything we’ve been taught in school. 

When Albert Einstein proposed his special theory of relativity, he achieved great fame and success. This is because his theory predicted the motion of planets and stars, and was proven correct time and time again, sort of. His theory also set a speed limit on the universe, the speed of light. Einstein said that nothing can move faster than light speed, instantly crushing the dreams of teleportation. What a party pooper Al was! However, with the discovery of entanglement, it is now a well-known fact that this law can be violated. This caused Einstein to reject quantum physics, and he even pioneered against it. Towards the end of his life, he would eventually admit defeat. Even the great Einstein could not disprove quantum mechanics. 

The implications are truly phenomenal. Could you imagine a world where we could explore other stars, travel to an alien galaxy, and be home in time for your mother’s dinner!? So the next time you look up to the heavens on a clear night, you can be sure that it is our destiny to walk among the stars. 

 Number Three-  Cures for Ailments and Diseases

An increasing number of healthcare providers are taking notice to the laws of quantum physics. This is why we see an ever-growing list of doctors who are starting to accept alternative and holistic ways of healing. Treatments such as acupuncture, meditation, and sound waves are beginning to trickle in to the main stream. We are starting to see ancient techniques of healing integrated into the modern medicine of today. 

This is due, in large part, because the quantum realm implies that consciousness is fundamental to the Universe. We are beginning to see doctors completely re-thinking the way healing occurs in our bodies. I’m sure you’ve heard these phrases in one form or another: “You are what you think,” and “positive thinking breeds positive results.” These sayings have a much deeper truth than previously believed. 

However, some remain skeptical of this quantum approach to healing. The detractors say it’s simply the placebo effect, and they would not be wrong, sort of. The placebo effect has proven time and time again that it works. Whether in serious scientific studies, or tricking your sick grandma into thinking she just took a cure-all miracle pill, the power of thought is not be scoffed at. There are thousands of impossible recovery stories out there that defy the standards of modern medicine, one just simply needs to listen to those stories objectively and free the mind. As a species, we are only limited by what we think is possible.

o demonstrate the power of the mind, we only need to look at Dissociative  Identity Disorder, more commonly known as split personality disorder. This occurs when the same person has two or more very different personalities, and sometimes has no recollection of what the other does. However, this disorder crosses the line between mental and physical. One persona may be perfectly healthy, whereas the other is allergic to bees. There are thousands upon thousands of these cases reported by the world’s top psychologists. 

Number Two- Evidence for Parallel Dimensions and the Multiverse

The rules of the subatomic world are very different than what we observe in our infinitely large universe. However, since quantum mechanics deals with atoms, and particles smaller than atoms, we must keep in mind that our bodies are made of these same atoms. Everything we see is made of atoms, so the laws of the quantum realm apply to every one of us. Remember, that no experiment in human history has violated ever these laws. With such an astounding history, we must take any prediction seriously, even if we can’t see it. One prediction that comes from quantum research is parallel dimensions and the multiverse.

n number five, we talked about superposition and the effects it is currently having to create supercomputers on an epic level. Well, this is not the only implication there is. Through this feature of superposition, scientists are finding results that suggest the existence of parallel dimensions, and even more than one Universe, the Multiverse. When an object is in superposition, it behaves like a cloud of possibilities, with every outcome branching off and playing itself out. This suggests that there is indeed parallel worlds very similar to our own, but with slight differences. 

In one of these branching realities, you may have never met your girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife. In another, you may have enrolled for summer classes, or decided to take a semester off. I know this sounds like something straight out of a science-fiction novel, but there is very strong, and even compelling evidence to support this theory. The quantum world, even partially understood, is like a gateway into uncharted realms of possibilities. 

Number One- Consciousness Creates Reality

The world of quantum mechanics is truly a mysterious one. With amazing discoveries and life-altering implications around every turn, the quantum realm continues to amaze and baffle scientists and the everyday person alike. But with the passing of each day, we come closer to unlocking these deep secrets of the cosmos. So we have come to the number one implication of the quantum mechanics, and in my opinion, the most profound: Consciousness creates reality. 

It may take some time for anyone to truly grasp this concept, so allow me to help speed up that understanding. 

First of all, we must understand the question: What is consciousness? Consciousness is the state of being aware, the sense of being an individual, to know your surroundings, and act accordingly to preserve and maintain your continued existence. For years upon years, we have learned in schools and higher education alike, that matter creates consciousness. Scientists believed that anything could become conscious if put together correctly. Quantum mechanics smashes that idea completely. We cannot find consciousness in the brain, or anywhere else, but we all know it’s present in each and every one of us. Looking for consciousness in the brain is like taking apart your PlayStation 4 and expecting to find characters from your favorite games.

There is only consciousness, and everything we see is created only because we are conscious. This implication is staggering in its beauty and simplicity, because it implies that the internal world of thoughts, dreams, and emotions, is just as real as the external world of cars, buildings, and planets. Although the correlation between consciousness and the physical world is poorly understood, we know it’s there because it has been proven time and time again. This implies that we all share the same consciousness, and we are just merely individual pieces to a much larger puzzle. Think of it this way: we are like islands on the ocean, separated on the surface, but connected in the deep. 

This amazing concept has led my consciousness to the most awe-inspiring and unexpected of places. Quantum mechanics has made me a believer in the Cosmic Consciousness, The One Source, The Divine One, more commonly known as God. It may sound rather peculiar to find God through science, but I am not alone in this endeavor. Science has always had the reputation of being faithless and non-spiritual, full of atheists who would scoff at the word God, and to a certain extent this could be viewed as true. However, since the advent of quantum mechanics, when the implications were better understood, we are beginning to see a paradigm shift, a changing in the way we view the cosmos on a fundamental level. Many scientists today have a belief in God, and use science as a tool to prove the existence of the divine.

Religion, on the other hand, has seen as transformation over the years. The Vatican, the center of the Christian world, published a newspaper article in 2013, stating that a belief in extra-terrestrials would not violate an individual’s Christian views. This is a far cry from the days of the Inquisition, where free thinkers were killed or locked up for suggesting such a thing. However, eastern religions such as Hinduism, have always accepted life outside of own planet, and the main stream science of today is actually perfectly with the five thousand year old Vedic scriptures. There are also those who believe that buried deep within the Bible are passages that describe an advanced spacefaring civilization. 

So no matter what your beliefs may be, whether you’re a Christian or Atheist, believer in God or not, we can all agree that our Universe is a strange and wonderful place. With the help of the quantum mechanics, we can begin to unlock the seemingly impossible deep mysteries of the cosmos, and explore the stars together in unity. We have taken the first baby steps to blur the lines between science and religion, facts and faith. This is a personal truth for me, and science has brought me to know my inner-self, my soul. This is my reality.

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  1. Insightful article about the power of the human mind and quantum physics, as well as the interconnectedness of us all.

  2. The real question here is how to achieve the best method of gathering the people who contain this type of consciousness and work with one another.

  3. If there are other dimensions, the souls operates in the spiritual reality dimensions, was Jesus warning us of this reality and securing our desired place in it?

  4. I came across this site doing personal research. I don’t know if it’s a spiritual-esque sort of place but I think you have misinterpretations about some of your implications. Number 4: Entangled particles still travel at the speed of light, so there is no instantaneous communication of info (except when the particle is received). But the amount of info required to create a chosen quantum state can be vastly reduced. So the speed of light is still the maximum speed you can teleport, as long as you already have a reintegrating device at the destination. I agree about Number 3 but this can only be surmised from Number 1. My biggest issue is Number 2: the Multiverse is not predicted from QM. I don’t know what source you’re using but there is no evidence for this, compelling or otherwise. Multiple universes is an alternate explanation to the Copenhagen interpretation. It’s meant as a way to remove the need for a conscious observer, as wave functions never collapse but their outcomes are represented by an “infinite” number of universes. I personally believe Occam’s razor eliminates this interpretation. I agree with Number 1 except consciousness creating reality doesn’t make sense unless we ourselves are “gods.” Here I think the theory that we live in a simulated reality (like a video game) fits the evidence. Something like God is outside our reality, continually creating our reality for us, as we are aware of it.

  5. Christian Science proved this a long time ago.

  6. I am a sentient entity moving through time. I absorb many concepts as I move through this world. My hunger for knowledge, humanity and curiousity are my essence. I seek to be an evolving entity through my lifespan. The science, langauage, and art of existence is my reality.

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