#Support The Darkest Minds

Around campus, it is likely that you have passed by a flyer with this on the top of it. One of our very own students has put together a campaign to help support The Darkest Minds, and hopes her message gets across to all students.

This is a campaign to spread support for the continuation book – to- series adaptations of Alexandria Bracken’s The Darkest Minds TrilogyThis film has been harshly wronged and criticized by movie critics for not being  too much or too little like other young adult books set in a dystopian setting (Divergent, Maze Runner, and Hunger Games). Many of the audience’s response- including fans of the book series- agreed that this film was a well done and faithful adaptation, brilliantly directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson. They also are hopeful that this series can continue and remain with the same cast, crew, director and production team with the Author’s involvement.

If you or others want to join and know more about this campaign please go to Alex Torres’ Instagram here

You can view the trailer for the first book- to- film adaptation here

To purchase the book series, they are available online on amazon here

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