Looking For A Summer Job? Here is What to Avoid:

On the RACC Campus, there are lots of opportunities available that students either never have heard of, or haven’t taken advantage of. On the second floor of Berks Hall, right next to the Advising Center (room B209), there is a tiny room located in B220 that helps students and alumni in all majors get the internships and jobs they deserve.

What to avoid while job hunting (as told by the work study in the Career Center).

Here at RACC, we thrive to provide safe and reliable jobs to our students. But since the majority of the college is open to the public, especially the Yocum Library, a lot of job offerings can make their way into the college by scammers willing to lure college students into jobs that aren’t always very promising.

Because of that, the Career Center has a system of telling the outside job opportunities and valid job opportunities from employers apart. If the ad you see for a job looks too good to be true: it probably is. If there isn’t a label on the bottom of a flyer on campus that says ‘ Approved by the Career Center’, odds are- there is a catch.

For instance, on this flyer below:

If you look on the bottom, all of the torn off sheets with contact information is gone.

There are many red flags on this flyer.

  1. $18.50 is in bigger font compared to the base-appt below it. Most students get tricked, thinking it is that much per hour.
  2. We have lots of companies that frequent our college and job fairs, which means if the company doesn’t look familiar, it is a good idea to hold back before grabbing their information.
  3. If the flyer isn’t on the Career Center job board, and located on a bulletin board open to the public, that is a very big red flag to avoid.
  4. Ask around to see if anyone knows about the company before giving it a call. The company can put you into a lot of danger such as
    1. Taking your money, a.k.a a money scam.
    2. Can lead to human trafficking and sex trafficking.
    3. Or put you in a very worse situation, and in harm’s way.


It is a very good idea to always be on the lookout, and to stay safe while job hunting in the summertime, because there are a lot more job opportunities for college students.

What does the Career Center do?

The Career Center, opened to both Students and Alumni, helps with job search, career exploration, resume building and internship opportunities.

We have opportunities all year round, such as

  • Job Fairs
    • Government and Non-Profit- being held on November 13, 2018 in the Student Union Building from 12 -3 PM.
    • Our regular Employer Job Fair, which is set for next spring in the beginning of April.
  • Mock Interviews, this year held on October 23, 2018 in the Raven’s Lounge in the SUB from 1-3 PM.
  • On The Job Fashion Show, held every year in the Spring, and sponsored by nearby clothing retailers. The Fashion Show is open to all students who are willing to walk the runway to help provide positive awareness of the necessity of knowing what to wear for a job interview. The date is not yet decided, and was pushed around the past semester because of snow. If interested, contact the Career Center this spring!
  • On- Campus Cafe Recruitment, held all year round (except for Summer and Winter Break) in the Berks Hall Cafe. Nearby employers are seated in the front of the cafe to recruit students who are interested. They are always friendly and willing to answer your questions. How do you know who is coming when? Recruiters camp out in the Cafe Monday through Thursday from 11 AM- 1 PM. Starting in the Fall, we will have more ways to inform students on who is going to recruit. Keep an eye out!
  • Now Hiring is a weekly publication made by the Career Center with jobs from #RecruitARaven, and job board. Pick one up in various locations, such as outside our office and on the first and second floors of Penn Hall!
  • Career Center Job Board is located right outside our office, and is full of Summer Jobs at the moment. Come and take a look!

Some Services we provide are

  • Resume Building. Need a resume for a job? Students and Alumni are welcome to come and work on their resume with our tips that ensure a professional looking resume in no time.
  • Career Counseling. Need some Career Advice? Visit and make an appointment to talk to a Career Development Specialist.
  • FOCUS 2 is a software used to help students who are unsure of their career path and interests be more aware of what they want to pursue/ are good at. Focus 2 focuses on traits and personality. Visit here to get started on your own! ( To create an account, it is recommended that you use your RACC sign in information).

How does #RecruitARaven work?


Heads up: if you were welcomed into RACC in the Fall of 2017, you are already signed into the system. Instead of creating an account, choose the ‘forgot password’ option and put in your RACC email to gain access into your account.

How to get going:

#RecruitARaven Login Page

Navigating #RecruitARaven

  • While navigating #RecruitARaven, use the back links/ buttons within the system that are located near the top or bottom of the pages. You can also use the navigation bars to move around the system.

Complete Your Profile and Upload Your Resume

  • Click “Profile” in the top navigation bar> Click “Edit” in the “Personal” box. Complete all required fields, and do the same for the “Academic” tab.
  • Click the “Documents” tab on the top of the navigation bar> click “Add New”> Label your Resume (this is visible to employers) > Choose a file to Add > click “Submit”. Your resume will convert to PDF format.

Search and Apply for Jobs

  • Click the “Jobs” tab on the navigation bar> click a position type or “Advanced Search” top open search options> View position details by clicking the Job Title. Review the job details and application instructions under “How to Apply”.
  • View a list of your job applications under “Jobs”> “Advanced Search”> Select your search criteria and “Submit” > Click “Saved Searches”> Label your search and specify how you should be notified of updates.

View Resources

  • Click the “Documents” tab> “Document Library” to review career resources provided by our office.

Search Employers 

  • Click the “Employers” tab to learn about employers recruiting at our school.

Who is here to help you?

Marlene Fares– Senior Academic Adviser/ Career Development Specialist


Pat Edgar– Career Center Specialist #- 610-607-6246


Work Study

Anastasia Tomko– (the person writing this article). I am the Co-Editor of the FSJ, and also am a Creative Writing major here at RACC. My Career Goal as of 2018 is to become a Screenwriter. If I’m not crying over kdrama and shaking it to kpop, I am playing with my bunny Snowball.


Our other work study, Paul Michalski is leaving in the next month or two from his position, and is going to be replaced. He just graduated as a Nursing major this year.

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