Former RACC Student Completes Horror Film.

It is  good to keep an eye out for the talent that Reading Area Community college graduates can achieve with the guidance and further academic knowledge.  RACC is a great stepping stone for students with big dreams- one one of our Alumni has! Hear about what Natalia Raful has completed…

A former RACC student and SGA member has completed a low-budget horror film and is seeking financial backing to screen the feature at various festivals.

Natalia Raful is co-writer and producer of “The Ghost of Hollow Hills,” described as a Gothic horror inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Cask of Amontillado,” the films of Val Lewton, and Bela Lugosi’s role in “Dracula.” Her husband and creative partner, Erik Jacobs, directed.

Raful earned her degree in communications at RACC in 2011. She earned her BFA in filmmaking the following year from the New York Film Academy.

You can view the trailer and additional information about the film at


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