What is the Student Leadership Program?

by Nina Eddinger

In this “What Is” installment, Nina answer the question “What is Student Leadership?” The mission of the Student Leadership Program at Reading Area Community College is to provide students with “educational opportunities to explore, identify, develop and enhance their leadership potential. Students will work to attain the skills needed to fulfill their responsibilities as citizens.”

This goal-oriented program, founded by Diane Marabella, the former
Dean of Student Services, in 2003, is designed to teach students to become better leaders,
citizens, and overall, better versions of themselves.
Members of the Student Leadership Program are taught to overcome challenges in
school, the workplace, and in their lives. In order to do this, its members are instructed to collaborate with others and to inspire change in their community and the environment. In order to receive the Leadership Certification Award, its members are required to do a certain number of hours of community service, such as volunteering for the RACCy Olympics and participating in the Program’s senior citizen gift bags activity.
The Leadership Certification allows its members to receive recognition at an award
ceremony, a cord for graduation, and an engraved trophy. This certification allows more than one and its officers, including Donna Singleton, Jessica Hughes, Jodi Greene, Wendy Bonn, and Danelle Bower, highly encourage students to submit an application located on the RACC website.
According to Kimberly Uphold, Coordinator of Student Life, the club’s values include
teaching the students to resolve conflict, inspire change, and to overcome challenges. The
Leadership Program offers free institutes and camp retreats, and the opportunity to learn more about themselves and their leadership style. This allows students to prepare for school and future careers. Uphold claims that “A degree is only halfway, those extra things [activities, clubs, organizations, etc.] are what is going to get you that job.”
The Student Leadership Program will be hosting their annual Winter Institute, which
takes place January 9th, 10th, 11th, 8:30 to 3:30 in the Raven’s Lounge. The sessions teach team building, communication, and conflict resolution skills, and are open to all RACC students. If you want to improve your resume, learn to be a better you, or even just to make new friends, RACC encourages you to become a member of the Leadership Program

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