Alpha Sigma Rho Welcomes New Members

by Amie Croteau

On a cold November 10th, our Reading Area Community College chapter of Phi Theta Kappa Alpha Sigma Rho inducted twenty new members who accepted membership.

Students with a GPA of 3.6 or higher with 12 credits of Associate Degree Coursework are invited to join. Membership into Phi Theta Kappa includes local, regional, and national benefits including scholarship opportunities.

As a chapter, Alpha Sigma Rho elects the staff member or person of the community to share a message with the new inductees.  As a special honor, our current Reading Area Community College President, Dr. Anna Weitz, was inducted as an honorary member of Alpha Sigma Rho. Dr. Weitz shared an inspiring message addressing the very contested and timely issue of freedom of speech.

After hearing words of encouragement from Dr. Susan Looney and Cynthia Seaman, inductees were led by chapter officers to recite the pledge and be officially inducted into Alpha Sigma Rho. Part of the induction ceremony included two symbols vital to Phi Theta Kappa. First is the white rose, which is symbolic of purity and beauty of life, with its white buds signifying new intellectual associations. Second is the candle, which is symbolic of knowledge, which is the servant of wisdom which dwells with prudence and leads in the way of righteousness in the midst of the paths of judgment.  The ceremony concluded with a candle-lighting. After the ceremony, inductees, officers, family, and friends enjoyed refreshments and fellowship. 


Front row: Nancy Salinas, Daniel Faudree, Aaron Valentine, Patricia Wright, Maria Delgado, Gerard Founds
Second row: Maria Esposto, Yusra Salim, Tyler Baer, Tiersa Curry, Katrice Miller, Samantha Poulios, Shae Lynn Harris,  Elena Fattakhova, Lisa Schulze, Stephanie Holloway Peidl, Tonya Berger, Amanda Miley
Back row: Frank Gustus, Nabil Muallem


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