The Clothesline Project

by Ana Tomko

Billowing in the wind in between the SUB and Berks Hall this week were t-shirts detailing sexual assault victims’ pain. Through the Clothesline Project, they were able to share a window into their suffering.

This Wednesday, RACC students got to participate in The Clothesline Project provided with the help of Safe Berks.

The Clothesline Project is a project which bears witness to survivors and victims of violence against women and also helps in the healing process for those who have lost a loved one due to violence from sexual assault.

The main goal of this project is to bring awareness to the students, as it was placed in front of the Student Union building where everyone could see it on a nice and sunny day this October. This project brings a lot of comfort to those who made the shirts and a creative outlet for them to use their creativity to help cope with the important subject. Because of this project, other communities might catch on as well, and more encouragement can be sent to those going through hard times with violence and assault.

The students involved picked from different colors of shirts that meant something different depending on what they (or someone they knew) had or is going through.

White was for a woman who died from violence.

Yellow or Beige was for a woman battered by an intimate partner.

Red, Pink, or Orange was for a woman raped or sexually assaulted.

Blue or Green was for a woman who survived sexual abuse.

Purple or Lavender was for a woman attacked because of her sexual orientation.

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