Hurricane Havoc

By Jonathan Tinoco

Hurricane Season 2017 was especially rocky this year for the United States. Harvey, Irma, and Maria left lots of destruction and devastation. How we as Americans rise up after disaster continues to define our country and humanity.

Hurricane season this year has been catastrophic and costly. Three major hurricanes: Harvey, Irma and Maria have caused havoc in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. Each hurricane was a different category, ranging from Harvey (Category three), Irma (Category five) and Maria (category four); however, each hurricane left a different path of destruction.

Harvey claimed 82 deaths in Texas and left many areas extremely flooded. Irma was introduced as a category five hurricane and was the strongest hurricane recorded by the National Hurricane Center; as a result, Irma caused Florida to have a state of emergency, in which millions fled to neighboring states. Lastly, Maria, she left Puerto Rico crippled and traumatized. The island was left without power, food and running water. The aftermath of Maria was beyond a hurricane: it also shattered the spirits of many Puerto Ricans living in the United States, causing many to feel despair unable to communicate with loved ones in Puerto Rico.

The total damage cost of all three hurricanes are in the hundred-billions, but the act of humanity among these broken places have been priceless.

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