Date in a Box: Vegas, Baby

by Amie Croteau

Sometimes the simplest of dates could feel hum-drum to any couple. The old “Netflix and chill” can sometimes snuff out the passion that a date is supposed to ignite. Date in the Box brings a little fun back into your date night without costing a fortune. Every month, enjoy a new date idea that’s easy to orchestrate with a little ingenuity and imagination.

July’s date is the City of Sin—on a budget.

Why not start a summer date night with a fun night in Vegas? Obviously, going to Vegas is out of the realm of possibility, but bringing a little Vegas to your special someone adds some of the crazy sparkle to dinner and a movie.

The Invite

The request for a date will set the mood for the entire night. Usually, couples tend to schedule time together with a low-enthusiasm “Hey wanna hang out?” Yes, texting to invite is usually the norm. It’s easy, and most people are used to it. But let’s raise the bar. The goal here is not habit but high passion.

Plan an invite sent to your love’s home. For inspiration check out this date invite. Edit the text appropriately for your planned activity. Then, simply print it out and mail it, or you can attach the invite to a text or email if time is of the essence. Another great avenue for invite creation is

The Look

Promising a Vegas night holds certain expectations for something swank. A fantastic way to set the mood is to have fun classic music playing, such as Frank Sinatra. When your special someone walks in, having some sparkle to walk through will add to the charm of the night. A foil curtain would set the mood right through the door. It is a large item and adds just the right amount of sparkle without a whole lot of cheesy Vegas decorations. Run a green felt or green tablecloth on the table. Visit a discount store for a pack of cards and chips, and spread them all around the table at different spots to give a touch of the casino flair.

The Drink

Of course, to start off the night, your love needs a drink in hand. Cocktails can be crazy complicated, calling for ounces of this and ounces of that to be dashed with whatever the essence of the week is. The best way to remedy this is a simple rum and Coke. The ingredients are easy to acquire and put together in a cocktail. Though not sublime, it’s certainly a classic.

2 oz of rum and 4-5 oz of Coke.

1. Pour the rum into a highball glass filled with ice.

2. Top with cola.

3. Garnish with a lime wedge.

If your love prefers a low-calorie version or something less sweet, simply replace the Coke with Diet Coke. White rums tend to yield the best flavor combination.

Not a fan of alcoholic drinks? A non-alcoholic substitute might be made by substituting coconut flavored syrup for the rum.

The Dinner

Bring the feel of All-You-Can-Eat Las Vegas buffets to your date. The best way to offer such a spread on a budget is to serve fun finger foods. Creating platters of food with lots of different options will be a large part of the fun. Make sure to include a fruit and vegetable tray, a starch, and a protein. TGI-Fridays offers a great line of appetizers in their frozen food aisle. If frozen food doesn’t sound tasty, check out these easy finger-food recipes by MyRecipes.

The Movie

There’s a jackpot of Vegas-themed movies to choose from. The choices can range from the fun (Viva Las Vegas) to the poignant (Leaving Las Vegas or The Cooler), from the action-packed (Con-Air or Ocean’s Eleven) to the comical (The Hangover). Several rom-coms followed Viva’s lead and set their high jinks in Vegas, such as What Happens in Vegas, Fools Rush In, and Honeymoon in Vegas. The list can go on and on.

Probably the best selection for a date night would be a series of movies. I personally recommend Ocean’s 11 and Ocean’s 12. In the first of the movies, a group of reformed criminals bands together to pull off the greatest heist in Las Vegas history. In Ocean’s 12, the crooks are confronted by the casino owner demanding the money back, which they already spent. The repayment play requires repeat heists in Europe. George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Andy Garcia, and many other stars join to make this series of movies.

The Game

Promising the game of chance, poker is the best way to end the night. When poker is mentioned in a context with passion, strip poker often comes to mind; however, most relationships are not quite to that point. A fun twist on strip poker: instead of taking off clothes, put on clothes when you lose a hand.

Clothing aside, the best way to begin with no pressure on either person is a simple poker game. Freshen up on your poker skills here.

Hope you and your love enjoy your trip to Vegas Baby! Whether one or several of these suggestions appeal to you, take the opportunity to spice up your normal Netflix and chill nights. It doesn’t take $200 to make a memorable night, it just takes a little effort and some imagination to ensure a fun night is had by everyone.

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