Dress to Impress

by Jasmine Lattimer

RACC’s Professional Clothing Sale provides the look to go with the resume.

Even with the random dumping of snow, and one last minute blast of frigid weather, spring is right around the corner. With spring comes sunshine, warm days, long walks, and more job openings. Many RACC students want to find the right job, but there’s a problem: employers look for sharply dressed applicants, but professional clothing is expensive. So RACC is offering a solution for students seeking sartorial assistance without breaking the bank.

On Monday, March 27 RACC will host its annual Professional Clothing Sale from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm in the Ravens Lounge of the Student Union Building. The sale will allow students at RACC to afford high quality professional clothing. The sale is hosted during the month before the annual Job Fair at RACC, which will be on Wednesday, April 5

When interviewing for a job, the first impression is important.

Marlene Fares, Senior Academic Advisor and Career Development Specialist at RACC explained the importance of dressing the part:

“Every year after the annual Job Fair, I am always told that our students did not appear professionally dressed enough,” Marlene said. “The sale is a way for RACC students to afford the professional look they need, without breaking the bank.”

The sale achieves affordability by sourcing clothing from different donors. The main donor is Marshalls department store. Last year, Marshalls donated a total of 25 high quality professional outfits for the sale at RACC. RACC also receives donations from other individuals to help support the sale.

“You can get an entire professional outfit for about a total of $30, versus the 200 you would spend at your average clothing store,” Fares stated. “We want to see our students be successful, and this is a big way of helping them.”

When it comes to job interviews, confidence is only part of the equation. It’s almost as important to look the part. Students hoping to complete their look without completely draining their savings should attend RACC’s Professional Clothing Sale.

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