Irish Heritage Month with Barleyjuice

by Edward Boice / Photo taken from Barleyjuice’s website.

For the month of March, RACC is featuring some traditional Irish folk music.

Let’s face it. For many, anything with an Irish theme is often just an excuse to drink. But there’s more to Irish heritage and culture than Jameson’s and Guinness. Instead of spending your time drinking, avoid the hangover and come attend the musical performance of Barleyjuice in the Ravens Lounge. You might learn a thing or two about authentic Irish culture.

On March 8, from 1:30 to 2:30 pm, Barleyjuice will play their mixture of Celtic folk music and rock for the students of RACC.

The band was formed in Philadelphia, originally intended to be an occasional project for St. Patrick’s Day. The project eventually outgrew its March boundaries and today has even been featured in television shows like King of the Hill and The Office. Barleyjuice preforms mostly around the Mid-Atlantic, but tends to stay close to home in Pennsylvania, frequently performing at Puck in Doylestown and the World Café in Philadelphia.

RACC abounds in cultural diversity and, when planning programming, Student Government Association tries to play to this cultural strength. A polka band came for German Heritage Month, and a drum and dance group came for African American History Month. Through such events, RACC provides experiences that broaden students’ understanding of cultural differences and richness. As Student Life Coordinator, Kim Uphold wants to have programming that “will try to reach all of these groups.”

The old heritage that Barleyjuice carries is important to witness because it is part of that diversity.

“We are trying to get diverse events that are not only fun,” Uphold stated, “but something that the students are learning about.”

In addition to the Celtic jams of Barleyjuice, there will be Irish-themed food samples on offer.

Keep in mind, all this entertainment is for the all-time favorite price of $0.

If you have nothing going on this Wednesday afternoon, you can start your St. Patty’s Day festivities early by checking out Barleyjuice.


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