Local Limelight: RACC Idol

by Edward Boice

Everyone enjoys some attention here and there. Who doesn’t love the limelight? Here at RACC, you can stage your stuff now! RACC Idol, a campus talent show, provides students a venue to show off their talents to peers and profs.On Wednesday, February 8 in the Student Union Building from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m, RACC’s Student Government Association will be auditioning students interested in competing in a March 9 event in the style of America’s Got Talent.

According to Josh Mutzel, SGA President and event coordinator, nine participants got through auditions last year to compete for the title.

“RACC Idol is a great way for students to show their talents to the student community,” Mutzel said.

To sign up, students should talk with a staff member in the Student Life office, located in the Student Union building. Besides practicing their acts, if selected, the only requirement students have to follow is to attend a rehearsal. There are no attendance or sign-up fees.

If stage fright has gotten the best of you, do not be afraid!

Mutzel assures students who are afraid of being judged or harassed that the crowd is only there to support students.

The scene has been set, the curtain drawn. Prep your cast and break a leg.

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