Can’t Beat Free: RACC Book Fair

by Carly Gillen

Students often don’t have a lot of money to throw around, so free is the perfect price. To help promote reading at a price students can afford, The Mitzvah Circle Foundation is holding its 4th Annual Book Fair here at Reading Area Community College on Tuesday, Nov. 29. There will be free books, both new and used books and books for children and adults, provided from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. in the Ravens Lounge (located in the Student Union building). 

Margie Kerbel, a faculty member from the Communication, Arts and Humanities division, described the book fair and its purpose: “[It’s] sponsored every year by the Mitzvah Circle Foundation,” Kerbel said.

“It will have a great selection of kids books, adult books, and reference books to choose from. Students who stop by will be given a bag to fill with as many books as they want. The goal of this fair is to stomp out the illiteracy in Berks County.”

Literacy may not seem like a concern for college students, but many students don’t take the time to read books because they are busy. 

Dr. C.L. Costello, also in Kerbel’s division, explained why a book fair can benefit college students: “[It] promotes a kind of literacy that is dying because we don’t read books as much,” Costello said.

But turning away from traditional literacy can have a detrimental effect on learning, Costello argues:“The dominant literacy diminishes the importance of processing an extended argument.” 

Participants hope that the book fair will promote a kind of literacy which enriches students’ lives beyond just helping them to get better grades. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s free.

For further questions or information regarding the book fair, students are encouraged to contact Kerbel at , or visit RACC’s website for more details.

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