See You at the Pole

by Mimi Ross

Joining physical and spiritual hands, RACC students turn their faith to national needs.


Students gather around the flagpole in prayer. Photo by Mimi Ross.

Prayer is a deeply personal activity, a way for one person to ask for divine intercession. Yet, in the United States, each person is part of a very large community. That connection between personal identity and the national community is what has inspired the See You at the Pole Day, a day meant to turn prayer into a national service–and the Christian Club at RACC celebrated the day by spiritually and civically bringing together RACC members of faith with others all over the country.

On Wednesday, September 28, many RACC students came together and circled around the campus flag pole, holding hands. They prayed about any world event, illness, or thought on their minds. People of many faiths joined hands and took part in the power of prayer.

“Being able to participate in this year’s See You at the Pole event was momentous for us in many ways,” said Cindy West, a member of RACC’s graphics department and the advisor for RACC’s Christian Club. “This was the event that our [SGA] president came to me last year inquiring about participating in. Now, to be able to be part of this national event as an officially sanctioned organization is wonderful. Knowing that there were hundreds of students all over the nation praying at the same time helps to solidify our purpose and role on this campus,” West explained.

West’s sentiments are a reflection of the diverse event which happened all over the world, in every time zone.

Rachel Clineff, President of the RACC Christian Club, was proud that RACC was able to represent its community in this event.

“See You at the Pole is a wonderful opportunity to bring students together to help our country,” Clineff said. “There’s a lot of bad things going on and a lot of people need help. Sometimes it seems like there’s nothing we can do to chip away at all the bad in the world. But that’s what See You at the Pole is for: a time to do something, to pray for our country. It’s the best thing we can do.”

See You at the Pole began in 1990, with ten students praying at their school. Today, the collective petition is a global event, which takes place on the fourth Wednesday in September.

Members of RACC’s Christian Club are hoping that the event draws more students to their organization. The club promotes spirituality and Christian fellowship on campus. Students interested in joining the club should come to the Ravens Lounge on Tuesdays at 2:00 p.m. Students of any faith are welcomed.


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