A Sweet Meet and Greet: Dessert with Deans

by Edward Boice

Usually, being sent to the dean doesn’t end well. A student seeing the dean might expect lectures or punishment. But visiting RACC’s deans doesn’t have to be a regrettable experience. The college is providing students with a chance to meet the deans for dessert rather than a slice of life-lesson.

RACC will host the Deserts with Deans event on Wednesday, October 19, in the Ravens Lounge from 2-3 p.m. Three deans will be available to chat and answer students’ questions: Kay Litman, Dean of Enrollment Management; Cindy Seaman, Dean of Instruction; and Maria Mitchell, Dean of Student Affairs. Various desserts — cakes, chocolate, and finger desserts — will also be available.

Seaman said the event will “give students a chance to interact with us – [to] clarify things that are going on, [like] services, classes, and enrolling.”

“We want to make sure [students’] questions are answered,” Seaman noted.

This event is not just for students to ask questions about RACC services; it also gives students a chance to unwind and better know their administrators.

Litman said that the event will give her an opportunity to help students. She thinks that RACC will be a more positive and productive place if students can interact with administrators.

“To make things better,” Litman explained, “I need to know what is working, what’s not working, and where communication is breaking down.”

While this event is similar to the Pizza with the Provost event, Dessert with Deans will be three times as informative and sweeter! Students should bring their questions and concerns as well as a little room for dessert.

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