Introducing “Fall Semester in Review”

Our new section compiles a number of articles from Fall Semester 2015 that were unpublished until now.

Dear readers,

Last semester, we at Front Street Journal saw a lot of changes. Due to a lot of turnover, we struggled to publish new articles every week. After our editor’s unexpected resignation earlier this semester, we’re trying again to build a thriving, robust, student-run publication.

But we still have a few terrific articles from last semester that we would love to share. Our writers worked hard to write these articles, and we think they are still worth reading, even if they’re a little out of date. Rather than let these articles languish in our backlog, we are creating this section, “Fall Semester in Review,” in order to publish these older articles.

As we ramp up our publication schedule into the spring and summer, we hope to keep providing interesting content to you, the students and faculty of Reading Area Community College. We’re excited about our future and hope you’ll continue to read our publication as we continue to develop as the voice of RACC’s diverse student body.


Josh Templin

FSJ Writer

Categories: Campus Life, Fall Semester in Review

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