Voices From the Quad – Halloween Candy Bags

By Kelly Knappenberger

Ravens talk about their candy bag hopes.

Now that we have all thoroughly recovered from our Halloween celebrations, we have a chance to look back on this year’s festivities. Just before Halloween, FSJ camera correspondent, Kelly Knappenberger, caught up with some Ravens to see what they wanted in their respective candy bags. Some Ravens wished for the classic treats while others tried to cash in on their Christmas wishes early. Let us hope that their Halloween celebrations were more like the sweeter side of a Warhead candy, and they got what they wanted.¬† But at least one probably experienced the sour and went to work with the toilet paper and eggs. Boo!

Gift Certificate for a Massage

Jessica Styer: Gift Certificate for a Massage

Jolly Ranchers for himself and lollipops for his kids

Carlos Luciano Jr: Jolly Ranchers for himself and lollipops for his kids


Berlyn Hernandez: Chocolate

Anything Sweet

Mafel Gutiewer: Anything Sweet

Xbox One

Christopher Lopez Rivera: Xbox One

Gift Certificate for a Shopping Spree

Trisha Santiago: Gift Certificate for a Shopping Spree

Chocolate Candy

Desrallons Stevens: Chocolate Candy

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Jessica Fly: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Candy (stick) Cigarettes

Haven Liciago: Candy (stick) Cigarettes








If you are anything like me, you most likely still have leftover candy of your own stashed around your house or stuck in random pockets of your schoolbags. Sound off in the comments below about your most (or least) favorite candy!

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