The Force Is Strong with the Assistant Editor, It Is!

By Josh Parris

Campus bookstore takes students to a galaxy far, far away.

SW coloringOn October 15, the Bookstore at RACC celebrated Star Wars Reads Day, an event promoted at many schools in the United States by Disney to promote the Star Wars brand ahead of the impending movie release, The Force Awakens, which comes to theaters December 18.

SW colorsSeveral activities were designed to coincide with this day. Though the event targeted a younger age group, enthusiastic RACC undergrads joined in activities such as Star Wars Coloring, Luke and Leia Origami, and a laughter-inducing round of Star Wars trivia.

SW JoshThe Assistant Editor of the Front Street Journal, yours truly—an admitted and acknowledged Star Wars nerd—participated in these events and handily won the trivia contest, the prize for which was a $25 Fandango card.

I am proud to say that I spent the card on 2 tickets for the Episode VII release on December 18, here at the Reading IMAX cinema.

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