Millie, Binta and writer Mimi Ross Photo by Katelyn BennettWhat’s your Style?

What’s Your Style?

by Mimi Ross

Mimi Ross asks students around campus to describe their style. Millie and Binta say their styles tell a unique story about them.

As college students, we may want to find a style that helps us stand out in the crowd. But how do you define your style? Two RACC students, Millie and Binta, explained how their unique styles reflect who they are.

Millie, a Psychology student, says her look is not an overall aesthetic; it’s barometer of her life. Her style mirrors how she is feeling that day.

“Basically it’s the mood I’m in when I wake up,” she says. “If I wake up sad, I’ll put on a sweatpants. I’m happy I’ll put on jeans with a nice tank top. And if I’m tired, jogger pants.”








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